Thank you for visiting my site. My aim is to help people who suffer from persistent pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer. I hope the information on this site, the products , on-line programme and, where necessary, the additional support I can provide, will help you not only resolve your pain, but regain your life. For patients who require individual support I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, but most of my work is undertaken online.  I also run monthly London clinics.

I do offer some FREE 30 minute consultations to help you decide what might be your next best step, which you can book HERE.

Unfortunately chronic pain usually develops due to misdiagnosis because of the widespread belief that pain must have a physical cause, despite research concluding this is often not the case. The information on this site will help you recognise just how inextricably linked the mind and body are and how hidden stresses not only affect pain, but can cause persistent and often debilitating pain and other chronic conditions.

Our focus is on RECOVERY, not management
Chronic pain is maintained unconsciously by the brain and nervous system, but evidence shows that it is possible to reprogramme the brain and change these neural pathways.  Most rewarding of all is that because the process is reversible, full recovery is possible, no matter how severe or long standing the pain.

The SIRPA approach to recovery from chronic pain
As the first health professional in Europe to develop a Specialism in this field, I now help people both nationally and internationally recover from chronic pain, both face to face and online. After developing the SIRPA™ approach to chronic pain and other persistent health conditions over the past 11 years, and having observed the often life changing results with my patients, I am absolutely passionate about raising the profile of this little known, yet extremely common, cause of so many health conditions.