go-about-img01I am a Physiotherapist by profession and I believe that it was my refusal to accept that the best we could do was to just help patients learn how to cope with their chronic pain which led to my coming across the pioneering work of John Sarno MD. I had also become increasingly frustrated with how so often patients’ symptoms didn’t conform to any physical diagnoses and finally Dr Sarno’s theory about Tension Myoneural Syndrome, or TMS, answered all my questions. Not only that, but recognising how and why my own recurring pain conditions occurred, I was able to resolve my own pain completely.

When initially trying to find out more about this work I realised there was no-one in the UK or Europe who was specialising in this field. I therefore contacted Dr Sarno and in 2007 visited him to learn more about his work. Since that time I have returned to the United States for conferences and have developed close links with other leaders in the field, while also becoming involved with the efforts to raise the profile of this work worldwide.

I recognised immediately that learning about this concept could be life changing for so many people, which is why I have been determined to go to the lengths I have to develop a specialism in this field.  The online SIRPA Recovery Programme is the culmination of all my clinical work over the past 6 years in developing my own treatment approach for people with chronic pain, based on the foundations of Dr Sarno‘s pioneering work.

Founding SIRPA Ltd then allowed me to pass on all my own learning and experience to other Health Professionals interested in understanding how to integrate this approach into their own work with patients. The SIRPA Practitioner Training courses were therefore developed for this purpose.

The recovery of people who do open up to this process is the most rewarding work I have ever been involved with. For this reason I continue to develop; my own understanding, my links with the other Specialists and the awareness of this work as widely as possible. I have no doubt that I will continue to develop this work for the rest of my career.