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Free yourself from persistent pain for 2015

Later this month I will be offering local people who suffer from chronic pain an opportunity to access free consultations to show the way to a pain free life. On the evening of Tuesday 27th January 2015 at Alexandra House, the award-winning health spa in Huddersfield, I will be offering FREE 20 minute consultations to […]

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Development of SIRPA – Part 2

Continued… To read part 1 click here I was also beginning to wonder why, if core stability is so important in preventing and resolving back pain, I was seeing so many people who had often already worked for months on programmes for core stability, yet they then came to me for pain relief. Other times […]

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Development of SIRPA – Part 1

My journey as a Physiotherapist began in 1983, although I have to say that the past 5 years have been the most rewarding. The main reason for this is that now I see so many life-changing results with people whose lives have been severely affected by chronic pain. So how did a Physiotherapist like me […]

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Chronic Pain – your knight in shining armour?

Believe it or not, chronic pain is part of your body’s primal protective response as a result of a real or perceived threat. It’s not there to make your life a misery or because you have done anything wrong. In fact the more frustrated and angry you become about your pain, the more you ‘ramp […]

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Georgie’s top 4 tips for preventing a relapse

So often I hear people say that they had recovered from their pain and then a few weeks, months or even years later their pain returned and then they can find it a struggle to resolve it again. Often this is because they were one of the ‘lucky’ ones who initially did the basic recommended […]

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Join us at our Cure Pain 2015 conference!

 Join us to learn from the world leaders in our field at the Royal Society of Medicine on 26th April 2015     

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Your Key to Recovery

 'Chronic Pain: your key to recovery', by Georgie Oldfield MCSP, the first UK-written book about this cutting edge approach.

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What Other Say

Dennis Donnelly Osteopath, Body Psychotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner

“I wanted to do a course which filled the gaps in my knowledge base, was professionally led, current, and gave me a set of tools that I could use with my clients. Georgie’s course gave me what I wanted, and I use the SIRPA approach, tools and techniques on a [more]

Liz Dyde MBACP Counsellor, Coach, Hypnotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner.

“The SIRPA training is an excellent training course particularly if you are a counsellor/psychotherapist. It’s even better if you have training from a psychodynamic perspective. When I heard about SIRPA I knew that all I ever suspected about the causes of pain and illness were [more]

Louise Levy MA Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno-CBT & SIRPA Practitioner

“I particularly welcome treating people who have been told they have DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) as I myself was told this and indeed 'believed' it for 12 years, in which time I had 4 spine operations. I now ‘walk my talk’ so to speak, in both my personal and professional [more]

John E Sarno MD

“It’s great having such a competent and enthusiastic colleague in the UK” John E Sarno MD Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and Pioneer in the field of Tension Myositis Syndrome (Stress [more]

Peter Zafirides MD

"Georgie, You are a leader in the field as well. We are all in this together for the same reason - to reduce pain and suffering. Thank you for SIRPA and all you are doing 'on the other side of the pond'!!" Peter Zafirides MD, Psychiatrist & Clinical Assistant Professor [more]

Wayne Kampers MRCPsych

As a Consultant Psychiatrist I often see clients with ‘Stress-Related and Somatoform Disorders”. So many of these individuals turn out to have ‘Stress Illness’ as described by Georgina. Her SIRPA Training Programme and SIRPA approach to Stress Illness enables Health Professionals to develop the skills to identify this often chronic [more]

Pete Gray MCSP Physiotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner

The SIRPA course left me feeling inspired to join Georgie in pushing this work forward. Georgie’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and personal insight into stress illness recovery make for an excellent [more]

Dr Adam Al-Kashi, Head of Research & Education, Backcare

The SIRPA Practitioner course was both illuminating and humbling; a rare privilege to witness the future of medical [more]

Emily Tims MCSP Physiotherapist & SIRPA Practitioner

I found this course insightful, enjoyable and relaxed. It was great to meet others who have experiences of using these techniques. A friend recommended that I attend the course although at that point I was completely unaware of this approach. It has subsequently altered my own personal experiences of pain [more]

Christa: ex-Fibromyalgia sufferer

I am a former Fibromyalgia sufferer. Following the SIRPA programme and attending a SIRPA retreat, apart from regaining my health, I was able to learn in depth, personal ways of recognising how to deal with the stresses in my life. I learned all different skills to stop the chatter in [more]

Helen Critchley, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Therapist, Coach

If you are a therapist seeking more information on the relationship between stress and chronic pain/ illness and how you can help clients in that situation, the SIRPA Practitioners course is ideal. The course summarises the latest thinking on the mind-body connection, provides assessment tools for recognising stress illness and [more]

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