stress-conditions2The number of people suffering from chronic pain and other persistent health conditions continues to rise in the western world, despite billions of pounds being spent annually to try and control this.

The current mindset is so firmly set on the belief that pain must be due to a physical cause that the inconsistencies of this theory seem to be glossed over by most people.

The cost of back pain alone to the UK economy is £12.25 billion and is still rising. Surely everyone is this field should be looking at addressing the underlying causes rather than trying to come up with even more treatment approaches to manage the symptoms? Until it is recognised that recovery comes from actually recognising and addressing the underlying emotional cause, persistent pain will continue to only be ‘managed’, not cured.

Click here for a list of Possible Stress Illness Symptoms or try out this questionnaire to see whether your symptoms might be stress induced.

Although the treatment approach is basically the same for each condition, here we will focus on 4 of the main pain epidemics on the western world and how you can resolve them.

• Repetitive Strain Injury

• Low Back Pain

• Fibromyalgia

• Whiplash

• Sciatica

My page on Inconsistencies will help you recognise how often symptoms don’t actually fit any physical diagnosis.