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Christa - Fibromyalgia

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Hi, I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2008.  After trying to cope with my symptoms for 2 years I found out in Nov 2010 that my symptoms were actually stress induced.

I have always been proud of my personality, being able to sort and cope with anything that life throws at me, not realising that bottling things up could result in pain. Emigrating from Germany to England with a young family, learning the language, moving house and city, children leaving home, losing my job, just to name some hurdles. I began to realise that I was getting very frustrated and not coping well any more.

Some of the symptoms were:

• Fatigue, taking tablets to keep going

• Overcome with feeling nauseous several times a day

• Feeling numbness in my back

• Headaches, poor concentration, memory loss

• And severe pain in various places over the last two years, resulting in taking prescription drugs [propranolol and tegretol], as over the counter painkillers didn’t help. The pain was worse at night when resting or when trying to sleep.

I was diagnosed with TMS (Stress Illness) by Georgie Oldfield in October 2010 and what a relief it was to find that I could actually get better.  After having an assessment with Georgie I then received further received help, guidance and support and communicated with her on Skype and by e-mail, as well as using her workbook and listening to her CD.

I can honestly say my life changed the day I started my programme with Georgie. Within the first few weeks I was able to relax at night with my legs up without pain and I stopped my prescription drugs. By the end of my course I was off all tablets, had no pain and in control again of my body and mind.

It is now January 2011 and with the normal pressures of the festive season I found it difficult to stick to my routine (my “me” time) and had a slight set back. However, I recovered by taking time for myself again, doing my old routine and I also started to read books from Dr. John E. Sarno (Healing back pain and The Mindbody Prescription) and Dr Wayne W. Dyer ('Stop the Excuses' and '10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace').

It has taken me this time, just over a week, to get control again over my pain, only my headaches took a bit more controlling. It is a great and calming feeling to know that I have the knowledge to help myself, that it is up to me, and that I don`t need to take any medication. I can`t believe how well I've done, although I have to keep some kind of routine for longer, if not for ever. I like to say though if anybody is not sure if they should try it, do and if you haven`t got a satisfactory result yet, keep going. What have you got to lose, “only your pain".

On Facebook just after Fibromyalgia Day, Christa posted - "Totally missed Fibromyalgia Day Sunday. Just like to say, it is three years after my first visit to Georgie and I've never looked back. No more headaches, pains, can sleep at night and best of all no more tablets. I am by no means perfect yet, lol, but working on it with everything I have learned. Thanks again Georgie. Xx"

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