What is it like to work with Georgie?  Georgie has been/is quite literally the key to my recovery from chronic pain in my back, legs and arms.  My physical pain has eased dramatically over the last few months and continues to improve, as has my anxiety, lack of self-confidence and struggle to cope and keep up with the world.  Georgie aims to enable you to live with less resistance and this is exactly what she does. 

Throughout the SIRPA programme, Georgie treats you as you.  Not as another number or a one size fits all.  As well as the appointments, Georgie is always available on email (and phone) to respond to issues, questions or difficulties that may arise.  This means that any obstacles / confusion / problems can be overcome then and there, in that moment, when it’s relevant.  And, I think most importantly for me, having Georgie on the end of email means I can share my achievements and goals, no matter how big or small, and receive the excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement that motivates me to keep believing, keep going and absolutely confirms that I am moving in the right direction.

Like so many, I was told things like, ‘you have the back of a 50 year old’ (I am 37), ‘you’ll have to have injections every 3 months’, my apparent ‘mechanical problems’ seemed to be endless, I received different and conflicting opinions and instructions from specialists, osteopaths, physios – I thought I was going mad and nothing worked. 

The skills that Georgie has taught me are invaluable.  They have allowed me to start to love and take care of myself, to believe in myself, to see that my body is fit and strong, to cope with stressful situations, to try things I have been scared of for so long and now to aim for new challenges.  Most importantly, it sounds cheesy but I can’t work out how else to say it, every day now, I feel joy!