Hi everyone,

I am a woman of 46 years who wants to tell my story and tell everyone with back pain it’s very possible that your pain is not due to any pathology (hernias, protrusions …) you have been diagnosed with and it is very possible that you can cure the pain.

12 years ago I started with very acute back pain. I was in a bed unable to move for three months and for nine months I was unable to walk. I went to every doctor known, passed first by the Orthopaedic Specialist and then a Neurologist who diagnosed me with L5-S1 disc herniation.  He insinuated that I should have surgery but I waited and tried with other techniques e.g. chiropractic, osteopathy, spinal injections etc.  The latter helped me a bit, but my pain continued and I went on to be diagnosed with herniated discs at L5-S1 and L4-L5 and I spent very long periods without being able to go to work.

I had a period without pain for 3 years during which I had my 1st child.  I was very happy until then for another 2 years the sharp pain returned and I was unable to go to work for 9 months, so I lost my job.  2 years ago I had a very strong relapse that left me very sad, almost without moving in bed for six months. I thought my life was over and I could not enjoy my family or my life.  My pain invalidated me for everything, to move, to work, to do anything at all and I thought the worst. I went back to try everything again.

In desperation I read Dr. Sarno again, whose book I read 10 years ago but gave no importance to it. I went back to reread: “Healing back pain” and decided to call him. When I called his secretary she told me that he had retired and she suggested I call Georgie Oldfield in England, who I then contacted.

I am Spanish and have very little English, so Georgie was kind enough to find a Spanish ex patient of hers and then her daughter to translate for us. S and E, I really appreciate your effort in translating for videoconference calls.  With the effort of all of them and myself, I began to improve. I read Dr. Sarno’s books and followed Georgie’s SIRPA programme.

Nearly a year ago, following the program I started swimming, biking and walking again.  The pain was diminishing as I went digging in my anger and in my heart and I began to understand that the hernia was not the cause of pain.

Today, April 1, 2013, one month ago I had my 2nd child with a painless pregnancy, childbirth and since the birth I have been painless. I take my son, I’m miles away, … I understand the origin of everything. I worry sometimes the pain may return, but now I’m happy!

Therefore, I encourage all people with herniated disc problems not to yield to pain. It is not the hernia that hurts because not everyone has pain with recurrent herniated discs.  Do not get depressed thinking there is no solution and try the SIRPA method, working on writing, inquiring and viewing inner turmoil and how to ‘live life with less resistance’.

Also thanks to Georgie for her willingness to help me and her daughter E, and the lady S, for helping in the translation, I cannot forget the invaluable help provided.

Kind regards, Maria

August 2013

By the way,  As you can see, I’m great, I’ve never been so happy. Who would have told me a year before?
It’s amazing how time flies and things that have happened in a year …  Everything is possible!