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Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery

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Georgie Oldfield, a leading UK Physiotherapist, Chronic Pain specialist and Founder of SIRPA Ltd, reveals in this revolutionary new book how Chronic pain, however severe and long-term, can be cured.

Current treatment approaches for chronic pain are aimed at ‘management’ based on the belief that pain is due to a physical abnormality. However, the concept on which this cutting edge book is based is on the understanding that our body has an innate ability to heal itself and that persistent pain is part of a learned response via the brain and nervous system as part of an automatic, but maladapted, stress response.

The concept and self-empowering approach explained in the book is backed up by ground-breaking research that supports the body’s response to stress as a plausible root of many common complaints, including; back pain, sciatica, migraines, fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, digestive disorders and many medically unexplained symptoms.

The life-changing approach explained in this book has inspired many health care professionals and sufferers alike, providing a radical and practical self-help tool to assist in the identification of causes of pain and putting you on the all-important path to recovery.

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Rita – I used to be a fairly good runner but was no longer able to run without …, (24 Jan. 2015)
This book is really worth reading. Georgie Oldfield presents complex theories in a pragmatic narrative, along with practical exercises to relieve negative stress and ease chronic pain. Even if you only choose one of the methods you will notice some difference in your pain. Not only will you gain a deeper insight into the causes of your symptoms and learn how to relieve them, but with perseverance and will, make a full recovery to a pain-free body. I used to be a fairly good runner but was no longer able to run without pain. I was recommended this book by a friend. It has helped ease the pain and with time and perseverance I have what I call ‘my road-map’ to full recovery and pain-free running.
Dipika – If anyone has any pain in their body, this is a MUST have book!, (20 Nov. 2014)
I struggled for over ten years with severe back pain, plus intermitent knee and foot pain. I was not able to do what I love…to run and some days I could barely walk. I’m only 39 years old so this was not cool. I spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on physio treatment over the years, some of which eased the pain for a while, but it would always return.  I had an MRI and was told, ”Your back is too straight”.
After being given Dr Sarno’s book, ‘Healing Back Pain’ and being excited that I might…just might have found the answer to my pain, I searched for someone based in the UK who could take me farther. Then I found this book and I am now running happily and pain free. What’s more, I can now wear my gorgeous high heels that were gathering dust at the back of my wardrobe, due to too much foot pain…yeah, ironically it wasn’t the heels that gave me the pain, it was how I dealt (or did’t deal with) the stress in my life. This book gives specific and down to earth instructions, so each person can rely on themselves to get rid of their pain, and not have to wait to see a doctor.
My advice to anyone reading this…go get this book now!
A European Doctor – A very practical book for chronic pain treatment, (3 Oct. 2014)
For some patients with tension myositis syndrome and other psychosomatic disorders, the classics Dr. Sarno’s books do not provide a practical approach suficient for its treatment. This book of the physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield is designed with an eminently practical character,so it will be of great interest for many patients with psychosomatic pain, and also for the health professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of painful syndromes.
Unfortunately in Europe musculoskeletal pain due to the tension myositis syndrome is practically unrecognized by doctors, psychologists, and physiotherapists, and Mrs Oldfield is an exception to imitate.


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