It is widely believed that RSI  (Repetitive Strain Injury) is caused, as it’s name suggests, by repetitive activity.  This is despite the fact that more often than not, people who develop RSI have been doing this same activity for months or years without any problems.

In fact consider how easy it is to type on a keyboard these days compared with typing on a heavy typewriter in the days before computers, yet RSI was unheard of then.

In 1992 regulations were put in place to try and improve the physical surroundings of people working at computers (Display Screen Equipment Regulations) in order to try and reduce the occurrence of RSI. Despite this, the number of people suffering from RSI continues to rise (Occupational Health Report: 07 April 2005) and therefore the impact on individuals and companies increases too.

Full Recovery is possible
I have been developing the SIRPA
™ approach over the past few years based on growing evidence demonstrating that the brain can cause very real pain even where there is no physical damage. By addressing the underlying cause and because the process is reversible, full recovery is possible as you can see from the many real success stories, such as Gary’s in the video above after suffering with RSI for 10 years, as well as Enrique’s.



To find out more about how you too could recover

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Steps to recovery

  1. Read my book for a full understanding and tools to help you begin your own recovery journey.
  2. The online SIRPA Recovery Programmeprovides more in depth information, strategies and support for those who require additional guidance.
  3. One to one consultations with myself in person or via skype are possible, either for assessment or to help provide motivation and guidance while you are following the programme.

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