Sienna cyclingI am glad to share my story with those of you still struggling and I hope it can help you to strengthen your faith in your recovery.

In my early 30s my life entered a parenthesis after a back spasm that appeared from nowhere while playing tennis. After 4 years of debilitating back pain, unnecessary surgery, constant physical therapy and other treatments and many unanswered questions, my life became very limited. I was skeptical, faithless and depressed.

My life had become very limited. I stayed all day on the sofa and hardly went out for anything, just to visit Doctors or Physiotherapists. I could not walk for more than 5 minutes, avoided climbing steps and stopped driving, cooking, going out… I was totally ‘paralysed’!
I lost 10 kilos and became really weak and fearful of any simple movement… not to mention bending or taking things from the floor.

Last year I came across Dr. Sarno’s  work and ordered all of his books. I started devouring Healing Back Pain and felt like I was reading my biography!! Finally, I had found answers to all my questions. I started connecting the dots, everything made sense to me!!!

Sienna Dubai2It took me only a few days to accept the approach and I kept looking for help. Finding the TMS Wiki was a treasure for me, cause “knowledge is Penicillin”. The site helped me to look for a practitioner in Europe. I was very lucky to hear about Georgie Oldfield in the UK, who helped me to reinforce the diagnosis and set the following challenges with confidence. Within a couple of months my pain had settled so much that I started swimming and my instructor was just amazed with my daily improvements. Time, perseverance and faith has continued to take me further.

Last summer I did my first trips; jumped into the ocean, went out dancing and experienced things I had not been able to enjoy during the last years. I even went to my first concert in years after Georgie encouraged me to book it and then work towards being able to go with my friends, rather than cancel as I had done a few times before. I also put back on the 10kg that I had lost.

Now I just came back from a long trip abroad and I still had to punch me to believe I was there.  On my way back, as the plane was about to land in my city, I broke in tears due to the emotion it caused on me: I was there again! Travelling around the world and enjoying great experiences. I felt like a bird out of the cage, this is something I would have not even dreamt about a few years ago.

I am still on my recovery journey and enjoying every bit of it. As almost every patient says, ‘I am sure this work changed my life for the better.’

Georgie has been a paramount support in my recovery. From the very first moment I contacted her, she gave me all the support I needed. Georgie always has the key words to reinforce your faith and confidence to take a step further.

Now I know the power of strong self-dialogue, believe in yourself!!!  Because all our muscles are strong and we are always able to do much more than we think.

Best wishes,  Sienna (Spain)