Depending on the individual and the circumstances, the rate of recovery will vary.  For some this might be after just listening to the CD, for others it might be at any stage while undertaking the steps below.  The steps below indicate how you can begin your journey and at each stage you will learn more about yourself and how to become, and then remain, fit and healthy.

Initial Steps:

1)      Gain a good understanding of how your brain can actually create very real symptoms.  All this information is available on the SIRPA Recovery CD, along with some self-help tips.

2)      Follow the advice on the CD.  This includes; listening to parts of the CD every day in order to help reinforce the concept, seeing what links and triggers you can recognise related to your pain, offloading how you feel/felt about stressful times in your life and taking time out from the constant overload of information we are bombarded with every day.

Need more help?
For some people this might be all they require to recover, but if you are one of the many who do need additional help, then you now have some choices.

a)       Work independently through the online SIRPA Recovery Programme by yourself

b)       Work independently but book sessions with myself if and when you decide you need additional support.

c)        Have an initial 90 minutes SIRPA assessment with me to help you gain a better understanding of the links and triggers for your pain and then work through the programme, again either independently or with myself to help guide, motivate and support you while helping you over any challenges you face along the way.

After completing the programme
Even following the full programme there will still be some people who, although they will be further on their journey to recovery, still have some way to go in order to feel they have recovered fully.  Where necessary I provide continued support and guidance or, depending on the circumstances, I am able to recommend alternative suggestions for their growth and understanding as they progress.