georgie-workingI work predominantly from my Pain Relief Centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and I also see patients for individual assessments  at the London Natural Health Centre, Holburn, London.  You can find the upcoming dates for this venue on the Events page.

The information you can gain from this website, the products and from working with me can potentially help provide relief from any persistent pain. 

Some people might recover from listening to the SIRPA Recovery CD alone, others might require the more in-depth online programme, while some of these might also require additional support and guidance from myself.

FREE 1-2-1 telephone or Skype strategy sessions
I offer a few free 15 minute consultations per month for clients new to my work. If you would like to book an appointment to discuss your situation, please email me on You will benefit most from these sessions if you already have knowledge of the concept on which the SIRPA approach is based. This can be gained by reading my book or listening to the SIRPA Recovery CD/download.

Online SIRPARecovery Programme
This new and all inclusive programme is easily accessible to anyone who is able to access the internet and who wants more information, strategies and guidance than is generally available unless you live close to one of the few specialists in this field. Click here for further information about the online SIRPA Recovery programme.

Individual SIRPA Assessment 

To include:

• The analysis of in-depth pre-assessment forms you will be asked to complete, or copies of your assessment forms from the online programme.

A 90 minute appointment.  Where appropriate a physical examination will be undertaken, however once a physical diagnosis is ruled out, the emphasis will be on helping to uncover any links, triggers and behaviours relating to your pain.  Following this we will discuss how to address these in order to enable you to individualize the recovery programme to you. 

• An email which will be sent to you within 24 – 48 hours of the consultation with individualised recommendations and specific self help strategies aimed at helping you progress on your recovery journey.

Costs: Yorkshire – £180, London – £230  (£50 deposit required for London bookings)


   “I can’t begin to explain how important my assessment was to me and how I think it may already be helping me. I feel it will be essential to my recovery. Georgie spent time talking and explaining my symptoms and although she is not a Psychotherapist, she certainly helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I find it hard to accept my problem is not structural so coming from a Physiotherapist it really gave me belief and hope in the mind/body approach. She explained elements of the mind/body approach that really made sense to me and in particular regarding my own situation and the emotional triggers that may be causing my pain.” Louise M


Prior to attending for an assessment: Reading one of the books or listening to the SIRPA Recovery CD is required prior to undertaking a SIRPA Recovery Assessment.  This assessment can be undertaken prior to signing up for the online SIRPA Recovery Programme, but an assessment may also be requested during or after the programme if you feel you need help to gain further insights as well as support and guidance.

Following an individual assessment: An individual will have the opportunity to work on their own with the insights gained and strategies provided by me during the assessment and/or signing up to work independently on the online SIRPA Recovery Programme.  Alternatively they can decide to follow the programme while benefiting from the additional support and guidance from myself.  For more information about this package, please see below.

Disclaimer: Remote consultations via Skype and telephone are for information and guidance only and a definitive diagnosis may not be possible without a face to face consultation. Individuals booking a session take full responsibility for the provision of medical test results and previous diagnoses provided, plus for any action they decide to undertake following a consultation. A signed disclaimer is usually required prior to the consultation if this is not face to face.

Combined online programme with 1-2-1 appointments

Following an assessment an individual may choose to follow the online programme with additional
support and guidance. My in depth experience in working in this field means I am experienced in helping patients learn from any challenges while providing additional advice and also helping patients remain motivated and positive during their recovery journey.

“I have been working through the SIRPA online program at my own pace (as I have a little baby) and booked a package of 1:1 sessions with Georgie, which we carried out on Skype. The online program is so well structured & the 1:1 sessions were a wonderful supportive lifeline, especially when I experienced set backs. Georgie always promptly, professionally & compassionately responded to my emails in between sessions. She is hugely knowledgeable, supportive & practices what she preaches, which makes her approach so genuine. I have recently run a 10k race & couldn’t have done it without Georgie’s support. I have got so much more of my life back & know that I am on the journey to full recovery.” C.Henderson 

This package includes:

  • The online SIRPA Recovery Programme
  • 5 consultations (face to face or via skype)
  • Personalised email support and guidance throughout the period of consultation

N.B.  I personally offer a money back guarantee on the online programme if you are not fully satisfied.

To find out more about how I might be able to help you, please get in touch.

SIRPAPractitioner Training

Through my company, SIRPA Ltd, I provide courses for health professionals and coaches interested in learning more about how to incorporate this approach into their own work. For more information, please go to