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Thank you for visiting my site. My aim is to help people who suffer from persistent pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer.

Hi, I’m Georgie Oldfield…

I hope the information on this site, the products, my on-line programme and, where necessary, the additional support I can provide, will help you not only resolve your pain, but regain your life. For patients who require individual support I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, although most of my work is undertaken online.

I do offer some FREE 30 minute consultations to help you decide what might be your next best step, which you can book HERE.

Unfortunately chronic pain often develops due to misdiagnosis because of the widespread belief that pain must have a physical cause, despite research concluding this is often not the case. I hope the information on this site will help you recognise just how inextricably linked the mind and body are and how hidden stresses not only affect pain, but can cause persistent and often debilitating pain, as well as other chronic conditions.

The SIRPA™ approach to recovery from chronic pain

As the first health professional in Europe to adopt this new approach to chronic pain treatment, my aim is to help people both nationally and internationally resolve their chronic pain, where possible, by supporting people face to face and/or online.  After developing the SIRPA™ approach to chronic pain and other persistent health conditions over the past 12 years, and having observed the often life-changing results with hundreds of patients, I am absolutely passionate about raising the profile of this little known, yet extremely common, cause of so many health conditions.


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Our focus is on RECOVERY

Chronic pain appears to be maintained unconsciously by the brain and nervous system, yet evidence is beginning to show that it may be possible to reprogramme the brain and change these neural pathways. Most rewarding of all is that this implies, because the process is reversible, full recovery may be possible no matter how severe or long-standing the pain 

This is an educational and self-empowering approach and the first step is to learn more about the concept and approach, in order to begin your recovery journey.

My book will help with this and I am available for additional support and guidance where necessary.


It’s great having such a competent and enthusiastic colleague in the UK

John E Sarno MD Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and Pioneer in the field of Tension Myositis Syndrome (Stress-Induced Conditions)


I have found Georgie’s advice, and book, completely invaluable in my recovery. I am in the lucky position to- tentatively- use the word ‘cured’ after an 8 year illness! Even if symptoms return now and again, I am now confident I have all the tools I need to not just manage them, but to eradicate them. I was worried that Georgie’s approach wouldn’t help me since I have never suffered pain- (instead a variety of other symptoms, chiefly nausea) but I was wrong to worry!



Andrews Message of Thanks


Georgie is an inspirational speaker on a subject that she has made truly her own. She managed to motivate me to think outside of the conventional box of pain treatment.

Dr Martin Johnson: Vice-President of the British Pain Society & The Royal College of GPs Lead for Chronic Pain


I cannot speak of Georgie highly enough. I really needed a practitioner who would  understand what I was experiencing, provide me with guidance and lots of reassurance to help me deal with my anxiety about TMS. I found Georgie to be just that, she understood, she was highly knowledgeable and was able to explain things clearly, which I really appreciated because books on the subject can be so confusing and contradictory. She was able to provide a clearer path and much reassurance along the way, which was what I really needed. I am grateful to have met and worked with Georgie and highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with the mind-body syndrome. I also found her support via email to be invaluable, she was there to provide the help when I needed it. A huge thank you Georgie!

Jenny – Australia


The skills that Georgie has taught me are invaluable.  They have allowed me to start to love and take care of myself, to believe in myself, to see that my body is fit and strong, to cope with stressful situations, to try things I have been scared of for so long and now to aim for new challenges.  Most importantly, it sounds cheesy but I can’t work out how else to say it, every day now, I feel joy!

Lucy – Working With Georgie


Just thought I’d give you an update on how I’ve done and since we last spoke a few months ago.  I’ve gone on holiday to Australia and jumped off a cliff into the sea, traveling (flying/trains/cars) with no problem. I do boxing 5 days a week and run regularly.  All with no problems occasionally a pain here and there will come back but I just journal what frustrates me and it goes within hours or days.  Wanted to thank you again for all the help and tools you’ve given me to get my life back. I hope my story can serve as encouragement or an example to other patients.

Michael – From 2 Failed Spinal Operations to Boxing!


“Thank you so much Georgie for all you do – you truly are an absolute legend and the commitment you have made to help me and others is phenomenal. Your work is inspiring, your support never falters and your patience & dedication is unreal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – and the deepest recesses of my messed up subconscious!”

Susan Byrne – Client


“I want to say a big thank you for all the help you gave me and I really am indebted to your work and your approach that enabled me to pull out of the horrific pain I was in when I first saw you . I am sure so many people say this, bit I really can’t thank you enough for your pioneering approach to pain and I am so glad I found you.”



“Thank you so much for all your help so far – you really have changed my life and got me out of a really dark place. I will be forever grateful. You’re pretty amazing.”

Emily Swift


“I just want to let you know I won’t be needing the follow up visit we put in for Wednesday.
Why? Because my pain made an exit pretty promptly after my appointment last week.
I have offloaded, breathed, visualised and stopped myself from repeat thoughts ( well as much as I can in a few days). The pain traveled up my back through my shoulders and went…… What was all that about…?
I am happy!  Thank you.”



“Georgie, You are a leader in the field as well. We are all in this together for the same reason – to reduce pain and suffering. Thank you for SIRPA and all you are doing ‘on the other side of the pond’!!”

Peter Zafirides MD, Psychiatrist & Clinical Assistant Professor at Ohio State University’s Dept of Psychiatry


As a Consultant Psychiatrist I often see clients with ‘Stress-Related and Somatoform Disorders”. So many of these individuals turn out to have ‘Stress Illness’ as described by Georgina . Her SIRPA Training Programme and SIRPA approach to Stress Illness enables Health Professionals to develop the skills to identify this often chronic and disabling condition in their own clients. Georgina really has been instrumental in the positive changing of lives forever.

Wayne Kampers MRCPsych


I am a former Fibromyalgia sufferer. Following the SIRPA programme and attending a SIRPA retreat, apart from regaining my health, I was able to learn in depth, personal ways of recognising how to deal with the stresses in my life. I learned all different skills to stop the chatter in my head, be calmer, like myself and be myself. It’s two years on now and I’m still using those valuable skills. I didn’t realise at the time, but looking back now, what else it had shown me was that my old self was still in there.

Christa: ex-Fibromyalgia sufferer



I completed the programme with Georgie and by the end my shoulder pain had gone completely. Some of the techniques were already familiar to me, but Georgie found a way of giving me a different perspective, which enabled me to see things in a way that I had not managed to before. I think her honesty and integrity were instrumental in gaining my trust and then enabling me to make changes. She never made it easy for me which was just what I needed.


Laurie Radford: ex-Chronic Pain sufferer


“I had read a lot of books about TMS after developing unexplained pain all over my body before I came across Georgie. I understood what was required to get better and what was causing my pain but I found the whole process very overwhelming. Skyping with Georgie on a regular basis helped me to realise what thought patterns and stressful situations caused my pain and how to become more resilient. She picked me up many times when I had setbacks, felt I wasn’t healing quickly enough or had fears it could be something more serious.  Working with Georgie has helped me to understand myself better and learn to love myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  Saskia


“I want to say the biggest, deepest and most heartfelt thank you for being in my life Georgie. You are one in a million, and have helped me change my life in ways I only ever dreamt were possible when I first met you. Thank you dear soul, friend, teacher.”

Amelia Petrie

Regain your zest for life!

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