How Can I
Help You?

– Your Pain Specialist

Thank you for visiting my site. My aim is to help people who suffer from persistent pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer.

Support and Guidance with myself

The first step to recovery is to read about stress-induced conditions and accept this as the cause of the symptoms. In 2014 I published my book ‘Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery’ which gives you both the evidence that supports this approach and some practical tools you can try. A number of my clients have recovered after reading and implementing what’s covered in the book. There are also a number of other books in this field including books by John Sarno MD, Howard Schubiner MD, Dave Clarke MD and many more.


Having said that despite reading about stress-induced conditions, accepting this as the cause of the symptoms and following the self-empowering strategies and advice learned from the many books about this approach, many people require additional support and guidance to progress through their recovery.  This is where my years of experience as the UK leader in this field, having worked with hundreds of clients, can help, providing compassionate guidance and helping you overcome any challenges you face.


If after reading my book you feel you’d benefit from more support I offer some FREE telephone/online health anaylsis consultations to help individuals decide what might be their next best step, even if this is just to recommend a different specific book or strategy.  For those who feel they require additional support and guidance, working 121 with myself will help them get to the root of how and why they are in this position and most importantly, how they can progress with their recovery.  If you would like to take this first step to find out more, why not book one of my free consultations by clicking on this link?