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Thank you for visiting my site. My aim is to help people who suffer from persistent pain and for whom conventional medicine has failed to find an answer.
Topics Georgie is available to talk about include:
  • Stress-induced health problems & SIRPA Ltd’s ground breaking approach to recovery from/prevention of Chronic pain – aimed at the public, health professionals or corporate.

Georgie Oldfield MCSP is a leading physiotherapist and chronic pain specialist, promoting a pioneering approach to resolving chronic pain through her SIRPA Recovery Programme. Georgie is the founder of SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association), an organisation dedicated to promoting the concept that chronic pain is part of an unconscious protective response caused by learned nerve pathways, rather than any physical ‘abnormality’ found, hence full recovery is possible.

Since coming across this concept in 2007 and traveling to New York to visit the pioneering Doctor, John Sarno, Georgie returned to the US on a number of occasions to develop her understanding by attending the first conferences in this field and learning from the leading Specialists in the US.  

As well as her clinical work, Georgie gives talks and writes widely about the concept and in 2014 published her first book, ‘Chronic Pain: your key to recovery’.  Through SIRPA Georgie developed the first training programme worldwide, enabling health professionals to learn how to integrate this approach and the concept on which it is based within their own work. The SIRPA course has evolved over the years and this online training is now making this exciting training available to people worldwide.  Georgie is passionate about raising awareness of this concept and approach and to date had organised and hosted the first two conferences in this field outside the United States, both of which were held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in April 2015 and October 2017.

Georgie Oldfield (MSCP) is completely dedicated to developing her ground breaking approach to recovery from chronic pain and to date has successfully worked with hundreds of patients.  She has a positive, can-do attitude which inspires patients and practitioners to seek recovery and look to a healthy, active future. This is achieved through 1-2-1-consultations, events, live speaking, articles, training, the online SIRPA Recovery Programme, as well as her practitioner training.

This innovative educational and self-empowering approach is able to be tailored to suit each individual and situation because stress-induced conditions can vary so much. This is now becoming more widely recognised, shown by the SIRPA™ approach being publicised through various articles, and in 2019 on the BBC’s Tonight programme about Chronic Pain.

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